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One year ago I posted?

Well, with twitter and photobucket and pinterest, I barely keep track of this.

Here's recent crochet projects.

Amigurumi malteseAmigurumi Shih TzuGamecock Doilyamigurumi pear

I really need to update this thing more.

I'll upload more pics of my crocheted items in a few days. I just can't seem to remember this blog.  I've been reading a lot lately and mostly reading articles.

Dick Clark died, Crochet roundup

Well, Dick Clark died.  Not much more to say on that, only that he seemed to look the same forever. RIP.

On the crochet roundup, I made a red,blue, and white striped blanket in January or February. It'll go on the recliner in the living room.  The original pattern called for surface stitching, but I tried it and it looked terrible. I pulled out the surface stitching and found it looked better without it.

I made one pinwheel medallion on Sunday.  It needs starching.

And finally, yesterday I made a dahlia dishcloth. It's poppy and light green cotton yarn.

Snow, snow, snow in Puget Sound.

Scriber Lake had quite a bit of ice on Tuesday.  I took a picture of these cold, hungry mallards. I feel bad for them, but I had no turtle food or bread to give.

Mostly finished with stockings...

I finished making most of my Christmas stockings.  I have one other person that wants a large hunter green one, so that one will be next.  I intend to focus on amigurami animals and hopefully dog sweaters for January.  I just entered a Red Heart Yarn Giveaway on All Free Crochet.com.  They have plenty of free patterns and giveaways, so check them out!  I hope I win that yarn! 

Christmas was a lot of fun--here's my new Pinkie Pie Christmas ornament--it's the only figurine from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is modeled exactly like the TV show.